Strange occurrences how been happening here at Peli HQ this week, most notably a mysterious stock movement in our warehouse, resulting in one extra Peli case being in stock. Being the responsible marketing department that we are, and because we have ran out of colouring books, decided to check the CCTV camera’s around the office to see what has been happening.

To our shock, a ghostly figure unknown to modern science has been spotted around HQ. The phantom figure, wearing some sort of white cloak (definitely not a bed sheet), has floated through the car park and someway broken into the office in the early hours of Thursday morning. Making its way through the hallways of Peli UK, as if it knew where it was going. As if it had been here before. Whilst Gareth checked the Yellow Pages for the number for the Ghostbusters, Ollie and I continued to watch the events unfold.

We noticed that the figure was carrying something, but we just could not make it out. It looked as if it was some sort of book or DVD case. As the unknown suspect made it into our warehouse undetected, it floated toward an empty box, dropping its mysterious item along the way. It has climbed into an empty box in the warehouse! Armed with our home made Proton Gun, made out of Marie’s Henry the Hoover and barbecue sauce, we entered the warehouse to find a DVD of The Notebook lying helplessly on the office floor. And just beyond it, resting inside the once empty cardboard box, was a brand new Peli Case.

It looked as if it had travelled a long way to be here. There were many questions to be asked, scientific research to be done. But, being the accepting marketing team that we are, and because it was lunch time, we decided to investigate further. After extensive analysis we came across one loyal customer, who was down a case, Mr. Dave Kai Piper. This is the mysterious case of the mysterious case, that he named Clyde. Dave’s story goes as followed…

We all know that a Peli case is strong, resilient and afraid of nothing. It is thought that it could never be killed, at least that’s what we thought.

The myth goes as followed. On a cold winter last October respected photographer, Dave Kai Piper, stayed in to watch The Notebook. You see, since that fateful day in June, 2004, when Dave first watched this heart breaking tale, he’d to find someone to share it with. On that quiet October night it dawned on him, that someone had been with him the whole time. His beloved 1510.

As the credits rolled, Dave forlornly shuffled into the kitchen to dab his salty tears and to grab a much needed blueberry muffin. Upon his return, much to his shock and despair, he realised his Peli Case had gone. All hope was lost. The ground began to shake, the smell of polyprop wafted through his house and an almighty shriek let out. A white ghostly figure flew past Dave and knocked him to the floor, swiping Dave’s prized possession on its way. Never to be seen again… Until now.

Some say that ghostly figure was the case. But why did it die? Some say it was caused by global warming, others say it was alien intervention, but Dave begs to differ… “The Notebook is the Casablanca of our generation. Second to none. The love between Noah and Allie is infectious and the ending is one that could not keep the sternest of person from crying. As for Clyde, it clearly hit him hard. Hopefully one day he will return to me, I just hope where ever he is he is with people who love and cherish him… because he died of *sniffles* a broken heart.”

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: If your case has died of a broken heart, or you have been affected by this story, email for emotional support.