Hello, dear Pelievers.

The sun has been shining here a Peli HQ all week. Fun in the air, Pokemon go on the mobiles and plenty of sweet chilli chicken in the staff fridge.

But for me it has not all been excitement and Charizards, there has been disappointment and physical pain...

There was a dramatic change here at Peli UK, that I know you all will be as upset as I am… There was no more tiger bread in the kitchen. The delightful crunch that I usually would take with every bite has been replaced with the lifeless squelch of dour white bread. I want to stress that I have no sort of prejudice towards the lovers of white bread. I am sure it is a fantastic loaf for you. Just understand, my heart belongs to another. Now, Pelievers, I have never shared this level of emotion, or even emotional connection, with anyone so I hope you all can comprehend how distraught I am and support myself in the transition from tiger to bread.

Nevertheless, I have continued to stay positive in the hope that I can one day get over the loss, or that it may one day return. These fantastic Instagram posts have kept my spirits up and my thoughts positive helping me through each day one bread roll at a time.

For their rewards these three have bagged a Peli Memory Card each, and you could too. Give us a follow on Instagram to be in with a chance.

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