For the regulars of this series, you’ll all know how much I care for my youngest, Rupert. Ever since the day I brought him home I have tried to provide everything he could ever need. I’ve built him incredible climbing frames, bought countless toys, sung to him every day, simply being the best mother I can be. This week he has started to try my patience. Not only does he keep me awake all night by singing the songs of his people, he also likes to tear apart my blinds and walks around with the slats in his mouth like he’s smoking a victory cigar. More often than ever I have to remind myself of my words just days before his arrival. “I don’t mind if my child is tall, small, boy or a girl, quiet or loud, just as long it’s a healthy kitten.”

Arriving at work this morning after another night of meowing song, with Rupert's sister, Agnes, on percussion (my face), before I could even grumble, I realised what day it is, and how this whole Shots of the Week thing was his idea in the first place. And look at the joys it continues to bring? Maybe I should treat his pained night song and his furniture destruction are just another facet of his genius, and I will too start to enjoy the fruits of yet another one of his revolutionary ideas.

Tonight, dear Pelievers, I shall be joining in with the songs of his people whilst swinging from my blinds. Thank you once again for helping me realise what matters most. Nice photos and singing cats.

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