Good afternoon one and all, can you believe it’s that magical time of the week again already? The relief that can only truly be provided by our followers’ photography has been required more than usual this week.

It was probably somewhere around 1pm on Tuesday that I began to lose my faith in humanity. As Sainsbury’s announced the closure of all 16 Netto stores in the UK (yes, it does still exist – although not for long now) myself, Dan and Gareth jumped up in excitement.

“There’s a Netto across the road from here and it’s 50% off!” a younger, more naïve version of myself exclaimed.

We bundled into the car (yes, we really are that lazy), wide-eyed and drunk off the excitement of cheap snacks. It didn’t take long for us to realise how misplaced our excitement was. Thirty seconds later as we pulled into the car park, we were met with chaotic scenes worthy of an apocalypse movie. Adults were shouting, children were crying and the three of us didn’t know where to look (or park, it was absolutely rammed).

Inside, things weren’t much better. The queues lasted for up to an hour, spanning the entire length of the store as some filled 2 or 3 trolleys full of cheap goodies they probably didn’t even want let alone need.

Gareth abandoned ship, opting to walk back citing some ‘important business meeting’, and left me and Dan to fend for ourselves… and his two kilograms of jam doughnuts. So much for team spirit. Shortly after this wine bottles started getting smashed in all the havoc, meaning Dan and I had to head back to work with an undeniable stench of alcohol.

Things only got worse as the sugar highs brought on by our new unhealthy snack cupboard became crashing sugar lows; lethargy hit and productivity dipped. Alas, we got through it together and I feel mentally stronger now having experienced the whole ordeal.

Your beautiful shots have restored my faith in the human race once more, and for that I am eternally grateful. All three featured below have won a Peli memory card case as a show of gratitude. Enjoy your weekend Pelievers, you’ve earned it.

Beach shoot #sunset #sitcomsoldiers

I'm afraid of no ghost #waterloo #trainstation #ghostbusters #staypuft #marshmellow I'm afraid of no ghost #waterloo #trainstation #ghostbusters #staypuft #marshmellow

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