The recruitment process has finished. Our new digital marketing department is on its way, along with a new dedicated office, complete with a wall of fame of all the good folk who have taken shots of the Peli products over the years and posted them on Instagram. So if you have any Peli products, now is the time to send us a snap of them.

Having said that, make no mistake, the Peli range of products perform best as a behind the scenes player, helping you guys do what you do best. Capturing the world, safe in the knowledge that as you traverse from one place to the other, all your sensitive gear remains in one piece. Since I watched The Jungle Book for the second time last night, allow me to make a crowbarred reference. Your camera, lenses and all the other essential gear is Mowgli… Innovative, bold, but altogether vulnerable to the threats of the jungle. Peli cases are Baloo… Strong, protective and love nothing more than floating effortlessly down a jungle river with mouthful of honey. In the end all Baloo wants is for Mowgli to live peacefully so he can do what he does best. This shots of the week is, and will always be, about celebrating what you guys do best.

*Takes the bronze at the Needless Segue Olympics*

*Rides tricycle into the wilderness*

*Tickles a pig*

Our three picks of this week have earned themselves a Peli Memory Card Case, and you can to. Tag your shots with #peliphoto. Make Baloo proud.

View from my balcony, St Pauls in all its glory #vscocam

View from my balcony, St Pauls in all its glory #vscocam

I like a blurry horse. #ascot #horse #horses #horseracing #movement

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