Our dear Pelievers, did you miss us? Boy, do we have some catching up to do. As anticipated, RuPaul’s Drag Race: Battle of the Seasons was… well, just see for yourselves.

Meet Ms. Polly Amoré, the fiercest of the fierce. She was out in full force last Friday, looking for life, looking for love, looking for a Rennie (for the acid reflux burdened onto her by her 6x Peperami breakfast). Although she found none of those things, she did find a gentleman by the name of Donald Trump. And you, yes you, loyal Pelievers are to blame for something magical.


After Polly delivered a swift and necessary roundhouse to his throat, she thrusted her iPhone upon him and scrolled through the Peli UK Instagram feed. Gawping at the magnificence of your photos, his eyes began to spill. With his chin a-quivering, he repented all his sins and ran off into the night with a rough handed Mexican.

The next time you see Mr. Trump, look into the greys of his eyes. You’ll see a gentle glaze of loneliness, like the light bouncing of a broken TV set. That’s there because he knows he’s done wrong, and he knows he’ll never find love like Carlos again. To all SOTW winners… You did that. You were part of something special.

For all those who haven’t submitted yet. See this as an example of what you could achieve. Tag your shots with #peliphoto and you too could earn yourself a Peli Memory Card Case for your services to mankind.

Challenging day helping a Wiltshire farmer move an injured pig from some flooded land. @freeflysystems #heavylift #ALTA #drone #dronegear #dronestagram #droneoftheday #farmlife #farming #pig #livestock #nature #naturephotography #airlift #silhouette #flooding #aprilfools

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Damn Victoria, back at it again with the white marble tributes to Albert!




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