Yes, it’s snowing, and everybody is terribly excited. With the light grey sky, and a canvas of snow draped over everything, if you look in the right direction, it almost looks like it did in the olden days, you know… back when the world was just black and white.

If every perspective in your line of sight has a pesky colour in it, scuppering your olden day illusion, worry not… we have three beauties here for you. Just put a blanket over your head, pull the screen in close, ignore the fact that you’re probably viewing them on a smartphone and step back in time.

With the cinematically twee setting snow affords us, we expect great things from our Instagram followers this weekend.  Go out and capture the world around. Tag your shots with #peliphoto to earn yourself a Peli Memory Card Case. While you do that, I’ll be spending my weekend in my local park, crying* for the ducks who are staring at their frozen pond looking confused.

*Any Pelievers in Platt Fields Park this weekend, I respectfully ask you to refrain from photographing me, or the ducks, in this emotional and traumatic period.

Bubbles in the air, happy hammers. LOVE it when we beat Tottenham! What a season

Sun and sandy trails one day, a few inches of snow the next... Winter in Madrid! #mtb #marinbikes #boltcheck #trails #snow #winter #explore #adventure #neverstopexploring #travel #forest

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