This weekend will be like many others. My badunkadunk and I will rest in a collection of comfortable chairs I have harvested over the years, as my mind drifts in and out of rational thought. Thankfully, the lives behind our Instagram feed have immeasurably more adventure to them. While I lie on my sofa, covered in cats, staring lovingly at a spicy meatball pizza with tears of joy welling our eyes, our Instagram favourites be weaving around the edges of the earth, chewing on the spine of adventure and spitting out glorious shots.

If their adventure and achievements are not reward enough, our three favourite photographers of the week have earned themselves a Memory Card Case each for their fine work, and you could too. Tag your shots with #peliphoto, Show me the life I'm missing.

Here's the frightfully good @johncoffeymusic supporting @rolotomassiband in Hackney at the back end of last year. The full set of photos are on my website if you'd like a look see, and if you haven't checked them out and like Every Time I Die, The Bronx, fun and drinking.. You probably should.

Just about to create this in Collodion

Shadow boxing #armyboxing #boxing @armyboxingteam @niece_92

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