It is with a heavy heart that we confirm that the rumours are true... Rupert has checked himself into rehab. For regular followers of our Shots of the Week, this will come as no surprise. The growing pressure of selecting only three photographs from such a vast array of talent week after week, added in with the excesses of the festive season, finally got the better of him. Worry not, we're told that he is making fine progress. He's been clean from his crippling addiction to Dreamies for three days now and just yesterday came third in the Willowford Rehab's monthly Poetry Jam, with his heartfelt beat poetry performance of 'The Tiny Red Dot That Never Dies'.

His big sister, Agnes, has rolled up her sleeves once again. Her mistrust of household electronics still remains as strong. In fact it was just yesterday she was spotted giving the Vs to a microwave oven. This week she insisted that her human, held the iPhone and did all the heavy tapping, clicking and swiping required, leaving her to focus on picking out some real beauties, the owners of which shall receive a Peli Memory Card Case. Here they are...

Fancy bagging yourself the same reward? Tag your photos with #peliphoto. Let's give Rupert the welcome home he deserves.

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