Rupert, our resident Instagram enthusiast, is still mourning the end of 2015. A year of such beauty, thanks in large part to the scores of glorious images shared by the Pelievers, ended with such unbridled hedonism. Safe to say, he is no fit state to look at anything that emits light for at least a few more days.

Fear not, though. His older sister, Agnes, has rolled up her sleeves and stepped up. She harbours an intense mistrust of almost all household electronics, (besides fairy lights, of course). So it came as no surprise, when she plucked the iPhone from the hungover paws of Rupert, she said that she doesn't quite understand this 'whole social media thing'. Nevertheless, she's saved her little brother's bacon, and has rather tastefully decided which images from the festive season shall be rewarded with a Peli Memory Card Case.

Fancy bagging yourself the same reward? Tag your photos with #peliphoto. Let's remind Rupert of the promise 2016 holds.

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