This is Rupert, the proud owner of our Digital Marketing Executive. Why is he here? Aside from his glorious face and his beautiful 'shelfie'? He has taken it upon himself to tell us each week the three owners of Instagram photos that deserve to be given one of our Memory Card Cases for free.

If you fancy grabbing yourself a Peli Memory Card Case, be sure to catch Rupert's attention by tagging your photo with #peliphoto.

Here are his picks for this week.

@iestynhuw @iestynhuw@iestynhuw: "#manchesterxmasmarkets #manchesterchristmasmarkets #manchester #christmas #amazing #beer #hotchocolate #festive"


@carlamundy @carlamundy: "Edinburgh with @arcaneroots & @donbroco a few days back. Exeter tonight! #arcaneroots #tour #lemongrove"


@jastatproductions @jatsatproductions: "This HDR image I made shows how bad the floods actually are. We were driving (the green van at the bottom of the pic) and then the road just disappeared under about 1 metre of water as far as you can see ????. #splashdrone would be useful #thatdroneshow @urbandrones @thatdroneshow#jastatproductions"

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