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Meet Rupert. He loves high places, butter, House of Cards and Instagram. Whilst sitting on a shelf, chowing down on a crumpet and browsing the photos of our followers, he said to me, and I quote...

"For the best part of thirty years, photographers have been using Peli cases. Thanks to Instagram, you have the chance to see just how creative these customers are. It is your charge, nay your duty, to showcase their wonderful creations."

And you know what? Rupert, as usual, is absolutely right.

So whether you’re a full time pro, or a budding amateur, each week Rupert is going to pick his favourite shots and, with the proper attribution, we'll showcase them on our social media platforms each Friday, starting the 13th November. (REST ASSURED: ALL COPYRIGHT WILL REMAIN YOUR OWN)

Each person who gets their photo selected will get one of the Peli Memory Card Cases.

To submit a shot, tag your picture with #peliphoto. Shots of the week will be selected each Friday, eligible photographs must be published on the Instagram within the previous seven days.

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Good luck!