Steve E


Business Development

Steve joined us in 2016 to strengthen our presence in the North East of England. He said that he had far-reaching experience in his industry. Exactly what industry and how far is yet to be established.

He initially impressed us during training for his thorough attitude to work, best evidenced in his diligent note-taking during his first sales team meeting. It was only until lunch break, while he was tucking into his gherkin in the car park, did we release these notes largely comprised of scribbled definitions of complex business concepts such as ‘profit’, ‘turnover’ and ‘email’.

Steve's all-round approach and warm persona have been a welcome addition to our sales team. The secret to his success? Regular intervals of solitary reflection and review in what he calls his ‘business planning sessions’. The fact that these sessions happen to take place at his favourite watering holes have absolutely nothing to do with his forever calm and smiling demeanour.

Stephen's favourite thing about Peli UK...

"Trust and independence."

What Andy, one of Stephen's closest colleagues said his favourite thing is...

"Getting paid and never feeling exhausted."

Stephen's Biggest Strengths

According to Stephen...

Get it done attitude
A cool head

According to Andy...

Good books and real ale
Denial of weakness

Stephen's Daily Tasks

What Stephen claims...

  • Outgoing sales calls
  • Checking the pipeline
  • Sales administration
  • Customer visits

What Andy said...

  • Making the odd appointment
  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete
  • Making PPI claims
  • Emptying the dishwasher

...but what about Andy?

" took us a mere six months to get Andy to understand that the North of England is not limited to the shores of Lake Windermere..."