Sales Director

Ross' favourite thing about Peli UK...

"Representing a worldwide brand name."

What Matt, one of Ross' closest colleagues said his favourite thing is...

"Failing to replace his company HTC."

Ross' Biggest Strengths

According to Ross...

Technical knowledge
Customer service

According to Matt...

Knowing every single Gregg's in the UK
The Combine Harvester song
Gin & tonic

Ross' Daily Tasks

What Ross claims...

  • Liaising with customers
  • Measuring up new kit
  • Working out layouts
  • Promoting the Peli brand

What Matt said...

  • Travelling on London Underground for 46th time
  • Avoiding the M25
  • Failing to use his camera on his company HTC
  • His Mickey from Snatch impersonation

...but what about Matt?

"Matt was dumped on us in January 2007..."