Head of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing

The story of Ollie’s recruitment is a tale that shows persistence really does pay off. Upon seeing a vacancy posted online, not only did he submit his CV, he also contacted many members of staff on LinkedIn, offering a wide variety of horticultural services in exchange for an interview. Getting in touch with Ollie to inform him that his bribes were successful proved to be of little challenge, since he’d been camped out in the warehouse bins since the vacancy was posted.

After a successful interview and informing his family of his whereabouts, Ollie started on that same day, and quickly became a popular member of the Peli family, largely because his promises of gardening services were immediately written into his employment contract.

In between landscaping Phil’s mounds and trimming Deb’s shrubbery, Ollie occasionally dabbles in digital marketing.

Ollie's favourite thing about Peli UK...

"The company ethos."

What Gareth and Bronya, two of Ollie's closest colleagues said his favourite thing is...

"Passive aggressively crushing plastic bottles."

Ollie's Biggest Strengths

According to Ollie...

Organisation and planning
Creative problem solving
Strong work ethic

According to Bronya...

Reinventing running
Elaborate sales celebrations
Hurdling office chairs

Ollie's Daily Tasks

What Ollie claims...

  • Web development and maintenance
  • Search optimisation and analysis
  • Content creation
  • Product research and development

What Bronya said...

  • Compounding words
  • Fusing two tunes into one
  • Banana 'O' Clock
  • Racing Anne to the kitchen

...but what about Bronya?

"...though ask her what the hand sign for Crips gang rivals is and you’ll get 'obod' not 'Bloods'."