Managing Director - Custom Foam

Neil came to us with his begging bowl in 2009 and we took pity on him. We won’t make that mistake again.

As a keen walker, he enjoys nothing more than to tow his trusty caravan and wife (not necessarily in that order) behind his car and drive off into the country for a week-end of exhilarating caravanning and walking (he also enjoys walking the streets of certain areas of Brighton at night, but we digress). This adventurous craving to experience the wonders of Mother Nature has seen him travel as far as Bognor Regis - in winter.

Neil’s other major interest in life is writing fiction. Having read most of his expense claims, our Finance department can confirm that Neil is extremely creative, completing the most fascinating and exciting works of fiction ever produced in the 21st century. In recognition of these talents, we have awarded Neil our prestigious BS award every single year since he joined us.

When we launched our custom foam division in 2011, we identified this as a golden opportunity for damage limitation, and kicked Neil upstairs to become MD of that division, to the huge relief of the customers with whom Neil had been interfacing.

Neil's favourite thing about Peli UK...

"The people."

What Craig, one of Neil's closest colleagues said his favourite thing is...

"Whomever makes him his coffee."

Neil's Biggest Strengths

According to Neil...

Problem solving

According to Craig...

Using 100 words when 5 would suffice
Mind numbingly boring personality
His left index finger

Neil's Daily Tasks

What Neil claims...

  • Advise the custom foam team
  • Manufacturing oversight
  • HR
  • Project planning

What Craig said...

  • Opening and locking the building
  • Scheduling the next catastrophe
  • Overcoming catastophe
  • Caravan research

...but what about Craig?

"...We have yet to ascertain who offered him this job, but enquiries are on-going..."