Foam Sales Manager

Matt was dumped on us in January 2007 and brought to the company a vast and unparalleled experience and knowledge of foam packaging solutions. It is unfortunate that the same experience and knowledge cannot be applied to his sartorial taste: Life is a compromise.

Matt's duties are to develop the sales of specialist packaging solutions including customised foam applications. His claim to fame was to develop a customised foam interior for a range of Ann Summer products.

Matt spent two years on this project, which involved extensive research and development, he told us. Sales however were disappointing: one case (customer unknown). But it certainly proved Matt’s willingness to get the bit between his teeth.

Matt's favourite thing about Peli UK...

"Working with people I like to call friends as well as colleagues."

What the design team, some of Matt's closest colleagues said his favourite thing is...

"Fondling foam."

Matt's Biggest Strengths

According to Bronya...

People person
Thinking in 3D
Attention to detail

According to the Design Team...

Being the only one who can decipher his designs
Being the Rain Man of custom foam
Being so hands on he risks an injunction

Matt's Daily Tasks

What Matt claims...

  • Managing sales team
  • Customer liaison
  • Custom foam quote oversight
  • Account management

What the Design Team said...

  • Blaming other drivers
  • Forgetting the time
  • Eat, sleep, sell, repeat
  • Demanding gin from customers

...but what about everyone else?