Sales Director

Craig wears a skirt because he is Scottish – for no other reason, honest.

Craig joined the company in March 2005 as head of our Sales Division. We have yet to ascertain who offered him this job, but enquiries are on-going (“And heads will roll” - CEO).

His first Sales Meeting Motivational Talk (see picture) was not the most successful in the history of Peli UK, but we have to concede that the enthusiasm was there. Craig's days as choreographer for the Andy Stewart Hogmanay Show are thankfully over.

Craig's favourite thing about Peli UK...

"Matt Andrews."

What Neil, one of Craig's closest colleagues said his favourite thing is...

"His comfortable chair."

Craig's Biggest Strengths

According to Craig...


According to Neil...

Always being right
Never being wrong
Communicating the above to all

Craig's Daily Tasks

What Craig claims...

  • Coordinating sales strategy
  • Liaising between departments
  • Performance oversight
  • Supporting my team

What Neil said...

  • Translating Matt's communication into English
  • Walking the dogs
  • Playing guitar
  • Polishing his Porsche

...but what about Neil?

"Neil came to us with his begging bowl in 2009 and we took pity on him. We won’t make that mistake again."