Content & Design Assistant

Bronya joined the company with the goal of adding some youth to the sales office. Unfortunately, she's been here so long now that it'd seem sarcastic to continue to make that claim. Not only that, but sales took such a hit after she joined that we had to move her into marketing...

Bronya assures us things are going much better in the marketing department and that she's found her place there. We asked the Head of Marketing for an update on this but they declined to comment.

One of Bronya's redeeming features, is that she makes everyone else feel better about having sugar or sweeteners in their tea or coffee, as she has totally normalised having four (yes, FOUR) in hers. She's also exceptionally good (suspiciously so) at getting who she wants in the office Secret Santa, and scrounging lifts to and from work.

Bronya's favourite thing about Peli UK...

"Congregating with the Peli fam."

What Gareth and Ollie, two of Bronya's closest colleagues said her favourite thing is...

"Her robot garden."

Bronya's Biggest Strengths

According to Bronya...

Creating engaging layouts
Adobe Creative Cloud
Knowledge of the brand

According to Gareth and Ollie...

Finding a Simpsons reference for every moment
Adjusting Ollie’s car clock to daylight savings
Projecting her own life expectancy

Bronya's Daily Tasks

What Bronya claims...

  • Social media management
  • Promotional photography
  • Graphic design
  • Email design

What Gareth and Ollie said...

  • Recruiting colleagues into her cult
  • Considering her next framed desk photo
  • Quacking, 'what!'
  • Trying to incorporate ASMR into campaigns

...but what about Gareth?

"...We strongly suspect bribery and/or corruption were involved."