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Marketing Executive
Anne joined the Company in 2004 and is responsible for supporting our marketing efforts from home. Given that Anne lives near Aberdeen, we thought this a good idea. Enlightened management, we like to think.

Anne is a former Civil Servant, but proved too independent-minded and truthful to be successful in that career, and so converted from Game Warden to Poacher. Some habits die hard, though: if you wish to contact Anne, you are required to complete, in triplicate, form CommReq12AR(Scotland)2004Rev2(d) available from this Company upon submission of a certified copy of your Passport, a current utility bill and your inside leg measurement, pursuant to the Anti-Laundering Regulations 2003 as amended if appropriate and notwithstanding… So there.

Biggest Strengths

What Anne thinks...

  • 15 years product experience
  • Attention to detail
  • Good communication skills

What Gill said...

  • Expansive vocabulary
  • Dark humour
  • Speaking in Latin

Daily Tasks

What Anne thinks...

What Gill said...

Favourite thing about Peli

What Anne says...

"We sell the best protective cases in the world "

What Gill said

"Free Lunch"
Accreditation & Membership

  • Certification International
  • Ballistic Toolkit
  • ADS
  • Linkup
  • Linkup