Logistics Director

Hmmm. OK, so the guy likes dressing up. It’s a free society.

We know it can be a bit off-putting for some narrow-minded visitors to our company, but you’ve got to admire those tights. And you should see his pink number…but that’s for another day.

Andy’s career has crossed many a path. Seen here playing the lead role in “Andy Clark – Local Man of Mystery” (an autobiographical production), Andy was nominated for no fewer than 4 CRAP (Committee for Rejected Actors in Pantomime) awards.

It was a great loss to us when he gave up acting and joined the company.

Andy's favourite thing about Peli UK...

"The view from my window... oh, and the People. "

What Gail, one of Andy's closest colleagues said his favourite thing is...

"He doesn’t like working here."

Andy's Biggest Strengths

According to Andy...

My calm, patient demeanour
Problem solving
Knowledge of everything Peli

According to Gail...

Saying no
Making a crap cup of tea
Being at work 24/7 and not knowing why

Andy's Daily Tasks

What Andy claims...

  • Stock control
  • Answering questions I've already answered
  • Analysing sales stats
  • Answering questions I've already answered

What Gail said...

  • Sleeping before 9am
  • Going to the pub
  • Delegating all of his work
  • Saying 'yes' when he means 'no'

...but what about Gail?

"Gail doesn’t suffer fools gladly. In fact, she doesn’t suffer anyone gladly."