Business Development

Alex likes to think of himself as somewhat of a celebrity after (what he thinks was) his starring role in a customer testimonial video one time.

If there’s anything you’d like to know about Alex, don’t worry, as he’ll tell you himself without you asking. This will be via the means of an unsolicited video call and at a time that is most inconvenient for you.

He does make us laugh, though, but not for the reasons he thinks, bless him.

Alex's favourite thing about Peli UK...

"Being part of a great team!"

What David, one of Alex's closest colleagues said his favourite thing is...

"The Nespresso machine."

Alex's Biggest Strengths

According to Alex...

Product knowledge

According to David

Custom Foam
80's Yacht Rock
Extracting a donkey’s rear legs via speech alone

Alex's Daily Tasks

What Alex claims...

  • Customer interaction
  • Planning ahead
  • Researching the South West
  • Representing the mighty Peli

What David said...

  • Listening to Absolute 80s
  • Checking his hair
  • Checking his ankles
  • Checking his hair