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Marketing Assistant
Paul came to us in 2010 from a local agency, a sort of Battersea Dogs Home for marketing people. His soporific effect on the marketing department was as immediate as it was dramatic.

Paul is an avid aficionado of soap operas and never misses a single episode of Coronation Street, Eastenders, Emmerdale and the ultimate soap opera of all, Manchester City Football Club.

Spends every lunch hour – yes, EVERY lunch hour – Paul tours the local supermarkets, bargain hunting. Careful with his money, is Paul. We don’t think a more salient example of life in the fast lane could be found this side of the Orinoco.

Biggest Strengths

What Paul thinks...

  • Design, artwork, print
  • Time & workload management
  • Extracting and compiling information for a brief

What Rick said...

  • His knees (a lot of bulk to carry)
  • Mid-life crisis catalogue buying
  • His unhealthy love of David Silva

Daily Tasks

What Paul thinks...

What Rick said...

Favourite thing about Peli

What Paul says...

"The people"

What Rick said

"Free lunch (all you can eat buffet)"
Accreditation & Membership

  • Certification International
  • Ballistic Toolkit
  • ADS
  • Linkup
  • Linkup