Photo by Paul John Bayfield.

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At last the simple, innovative and customisable divider system has landed in the UK for the Peli range. It’s unique pin system allows flexible adjustment of dividers as your gear needs change, giving you back full power over how you store your equipment.

TrekPak Instructions

Follow these six simple steps to setup your TrekPak system.

Step 1: Unpack

Unpack your Trekpak and ensure that you have your case at the ready.

Step 2: Plan

Plan exactly what you want to include in your case. Gather your items and Insert your base and lid foam in to your case first before applying your Trekpak.

Step 3: Fit Border

Apply your border, which is pre-cut to fit the shape of your case. For cases with wheels, there is cut outs at the bottom to allow for a comfortable fit around the extruding wheel arches.

Step 4: Place

Place your items in your case before you start cutting, it is important you plot where your items will be placed. This helps you cut to size easily without having to change your gear to suit your TrekPak.

Step 5: Measure

Measure out the length of your TrekPak and use the cutter provided to get the right size walls for your items.

Step 6: TrekPak

Add the red pull tabs onto your pins and attach your TrekPak to your bordering walls. With everything secure, you and your new TrekPak system are good to go!