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These intrinsically safe torches are expertly designed for use in hazardous areas, where special precautions are required when using electrical equipment due to the presence or change of explosive atmospheres. Peli provides a range of trusted intrinsically safe LED torches that are ATEX approved.

LED Torches

Designed using the latest LED torch light technology, see the range of Peli LED torches in a variety of models, from rechargeable LED torches to compact mini torches and large hand lamps. Our LED series features intrinsically safe LED torches, tactical torches and head torches that offer a solution for all requirements.

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Peli head torches offer high quality, lightweight and intrinsically safe headlamps for hands-free light. The head torch range includes the built to last LED zone 0 head torch and Zone 1 LED torch, along with ATEX rated torches and high quality rechargeable head torches.

Rechargeable Torches

High performing and convenient, Peli rechargeable torches are ready when you are. The range includes a variety of easy to use torches, from rechargeable head torches to rechargeable LED torches, all of which come with durable charging options.

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