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Shockproof Rack Cases to Protect Against Vibrations

It’s imperative to avoid drops and impacts when dealing with electronics, but it’s also crucial to avoid vibrations as the repetitive stress can be very damaging. All of the V-Series rack mount cases feature 8 heavy-duty rubber shock mounts to isolate the frame inside the shell.

The polymer outer shell absorbs impacts and the shock mount inside dissipates residual movement.

Classic-V vs. Super-V Rack Mount Cases – What’s the Difference?

There are two types of rack mount cases in the V-Series: the Classic-V cases and the Super-V cases. Both ranges have the features mentioned above, as well as mating columnar ribs, manual purge valves and watertight o-ring gaskets.

What’s the difference: Classic-V vs Super-V Rack Mount Cases

For a full breakdown of the differences between the two rack mount cases and a closer look at their features, take a look at our detailed blog post.