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Reduce the Energy Consumption of your Generator Lighting

For years, Peli has been the market leader in eco-friendly, portable area lighting.

But one problem that has persisted, is that it’s never been practical to cover long distances with large quantities of battery powered lights, leaving users with no option but to turn to wasteful generator lighting.

The 9600 is here to change that.

It takes the quality, efficiency and durability that has become synonymous with the Peli brand, to create a new generation of generator powered, linkable lighting.

Keep reading to explore all of the features the 9600 has to offer.


9600 Modular Light

The core 9600 system. 14 LEDs per head produce 3000 lumens.

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9600 Cable & Fittings

110V 1.5mm, 14 metre square cable with fittings.

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9600 Modular Light Base

Combine this base with the pole to have your 9600 freestanding.

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9600 Modular Light Pole

Extendable up to 3 metres for the widest working area.

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