Famous street photographers

Street photography tips and techniques

Practise makes perfect

As with any other skill, you’ll only be able to master street and urban photography through practise. Take time to study the images taken by famous street photographers and keep an eye out for moments with great composition in your day-to-day life.

Always have your kit prepared

It’s a great idea to carry a small backpack or similar with your kit set up in it, wherever you’re going. That way, you’ll always be prepared to capture that perfect ‘Kodak moment’, no matter where you are.

Work on your editing skills

Sometimes your images will look less than perfect due to difficult weather conditions or poor lighting, but that doesn’t have to ruin an otherwise great image. With a little editing, using software such as photoshop, or even apps like Instagram, you can optimise your picture so it’s perfect.

Key skills to become a street photographer

To become a successful street photographer, there are a number of skills you should possess that will help you to master this craft. These include:

Having an eye for image composition

Good social skills

Understanding how to capture images in variable lighting conditions

Being able to capture images in different weather conditions

The ability to act quickly when setting up and capturing a shot

These skills will help you to quickly improve your street photography portfolio.