Aerial & Drone Photography

Drone and aerial photography is one of the fastest growing areas of photography, with new technologies emerging as fast as aerial photographers can adopt them!

There are many advantages of aerial photography. Using drones or UAVs (unmanned aircrafts), aerial photographers are able to get a completely different perspective on traditional photography subjects such as landscapes, buildings and even weddings.

Historically, photographers may have been priced out of the aerial and drone photography niche, due to the costs associated with the equipment, but in recent times, this is definitely not the case.

Significant advances in technology and manufacturing techniques has brought to market aerial photography devices for almost every budget, making this the perfect time for any budding aerial and drone photographer to get involved!


What is Drone and Aerial photography?

If you have opened a magazine or watched a film recently and thought to yourself ‘how on earth did they get that shot?!’ then you’re probably looking at the results of drone-based aerial photography.

Aerial photography typically offers a top-down, wide-angled view of common photography subjects, such as landscapes and cityscapes.With the development of drone-based high-flying cameras, the possibilities are endless.

“The goal is to make the technology invisible, to show the audience viewpoints and perspectives that enhance a story and draw viewers in”

  • – Eric Cheng, Aerial Photography and Videography Using Drones
Top Lock - Commended in 'Your View', Landscape Photographer of t
Jason Hawkes - Aerial Photography

Influential aerial and drone photographers

Aerial photographers capture some of the most awe-inspiring views. Discover some of the most influential UK aerial and drone photographers through our interviews below. Find out how they discovered aerial photography and their top tips for breaking into the industry.

The History of Aerial and Drone Photography

The best equipment for drone and aerial photography

Key skills for aerial and drone photographers

There are a number of key skills and qualities that an aerial or drone photographer must have,in order to get the most of out this photography niche.

To succeed as a professional aerial and drone photographer in this competitive industry, it pays to master a number of key skills and characteristics:

  • A great imagination: Drones often go where no photographer can reach, so being able to imagine how a shot will look, without having a vantage point
  • Organisational and research skills: When sending a drone up into the sky, the flight path, drone regulations and planned images need to be planned ahead of time
  • Editing skills: Learn useful post production techniques to make your shots shine through
  • Patience: Rain, wind and sun can all affect image quality, so patience is a skill required when selecting the perfect time to launch your drone
  • Technical and mechanical knowledge: What if your drone breaks? Could you fix it ‘on the fly’? The best aerial photographers have both technical and mechanical knowledge to ensure their flights go smoothly.

As you can see, it takes a lot of skill, patience and determination to become a professional aerial or drone photographer. Keeping up with the latest technology and honing your mechanical and technical skills will go some way to ensure a smooth pathway to aerial and drone photography success!

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