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Kat is a 21-year-old documentary and portrait photographer, who moved from Devon to Manchester to study a BA (hons) in Photography at Manchester Metropolitan University, where she is currently in her final year of the course.

Through growing up in a military family, Kat moved around frequently and began taking photos in her childhood as a way of documenting her current surroundings before moving again. Her practice is centered around themes of memory, place and time, and she predominantly uses analogue photography, namely with medium format film, which is emphatic of the personal and autobiographical elements that reoccur throughout her practice.

With an acute fascination with people, Kat often pursues portraiture throughout her projects, capturing images of people close to her but also often strangers, taking great interest in meeting and learning from the people she photographs.

Kat sees the use of manual analogue cameras as not only a more organic and personal process, but through the act of setting up and preparing the image before it is taken, a rapport is built between herself and the sitter, or the place she is photographing.

Kathleen’s work

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Kathleen’s work

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