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Joe Roper is a Cumbrian born photographic artist based in Manchester. His main fascination with the world is nature and landscape, perhaps stemming from a rural upbringing.

Joe’s experience of photography started not long before he applied for his degree. After travelling for two years, he found himself in possession of a camera and became absorbed in freezing slices of time.

It was at this point that Joe started to see the potential of making images and the power they can hold, however, he knew little of how to make images that spoke to people, and longed to understand the technicality of crafting meaning through a photograph.

Over the past three years, Joe has made a variety photographic work, and more recently film, but has found himself returning to his roots of nature. Throughout all of his projects, the concept is the key, and having a strong idea grounds all of his work.

Through this experience, Joe has gained the ability to be a powerful visual communicator, but believes that nevertheless, there is always more to learn. And, like most photographers, perfection is always just out of reach.

Over the next few years, Joe hopes to continue to learn, grow and communicate through his images.

Joe’s work

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Joe’s work

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