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Protective Laptop Cases for Flying

Most travellers prefer to take their laptop in their carry-on for the best piece-of-mind, but with new airline regulations coming in on many flights, sometimes large electronic items such as laptops must be checked in. If this is the case, you’ll absolutely want the strongest plastic carry case possible.

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Hardback Cases for Small Laptops and Tablets – (13”-15”)

The Peli Hardback cases provide watertight, crushproof protection. They are available in a range of sizes to suit different laptops, and either with a cushioned, protective liner (CC editions) or with Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam that allows you to create a foam insert tailored to your device.

These cases come with automatic purge valves and easy open latches. They also have lockable hasps and most come with removable shoulder straps.

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As featured on The Gadget Show:

1070CC 13″ Laptop Case

1075CC Laptop Case

1075 Laptop Case

1085CC 14″ Laptop Case

1085 14″ Laptop Case

1095 15″ Laptop Case

1095CC 15″ Laptop Case

Peli Protector & Storm – Larger Protective Laptop Cases

If you’re looking to store more than just your laptop in your hard case, these options from the Peli Protector and Storm ranges may be more suitable options. Those from the Protector range are all waterproof laptop cases (IP67) and virtually indestructible. These cases vary in size – options such as the 1490 and 1495 have room for laptop accessories and important documents whereas the Studio Cases can hold all this plus a serious amount of other gear such as photography equipment.

Take a look at the laptop hard cases for more detailed information.

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1495CC2 17″ Laptop Case

iM2370 Laptop Case

1495 17″ Laptop Case

1490CC1 Laptop Case

iM2370CC1 Laptop Case

1490 Laptop Case

1495CC1 17″ Laptop Case