What is an IP rating?

An IP rating is a way of showing how effective an item is at blocking out foreign bodies. The IP stands for Ingress Protection and the following numbers (i.e. IP67, IP56, etc) refer to the protection an item offers against the intrusion of the two categories of foreign bodies, i.e. solid (e.g. dust) and liquid (water).

Occasionally, you might see an ‘x’ in place of one of the numbers, this signals the reader that the IP rating has not been tested for that particular category (e.g IPX4 = liquid only)..

Image © Matt Leeves

Image © Matt Leeves

Example: What does IP67 mean?

Most Peli Cases are IP67 rated. Using the two lists above you can now see that IP67 means that an item is completely dust-tight and watertight up to depths of 1 meter for thirty minutes.