What is a Lid Organiser?

A Peli Lid Organiser is the best way to utilise limited space in your case, perfect for small items of equipment. 

What is TrekPak?

TrekPak is a simple, innovative and customisable divider system for Peli cases, allowing flexible adjustment of dividers as your gear needs change, giving you full control over how you store your equipment.

What are Padded Dividers?

Padded divider sets are a great option for protecting gear setups that frequently change. They provide excellent protection and can be easily reconfigured when needed due to their Velcro attachment.

What is Pick n Pluck Foam?

Pick 'n' Pluck foam layers are made up of pre-scored cubes (measuring approximately 1cm2 each, depending on the case), so you can easily pluck out sections as required, creating a foam insert tailored to your gear. 

Our handy guide explains all the benefits of Pick n Pluck foam, as well as how to create your insert.