Water Resistant Memory Card Cases

Peli Memory Card Cases are an essential item for any photographer or videographer that regularly carries multiple memory cards.

Why do professionals choose Peli to protect their memory cards?

We often get asked – when there are cheaper options available on the market, why choose a Peli to store and protect your memory cards? The Peli brand is known all over the world for providing protection that is tougher than tough. If an item getting lost or damaged would cause you serious problems, you should consider a Peli.

Peli Memory Card Cases are highly water resistant, manufactured in tough, poly-carbonate resin for crushproof protection, and come with a relaxed Lifetime Guarantee, so they'll be with you forever.

The 0915 holds up to 6 Micro SD, 6 Mini SD and 12 standard SD cards. The 0945 holds up to 6 Compact Flash / Micro Drive cards.

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