• Peli Air - Lightweight Protective Cases

    Peli Air cases are up to 40% lighter, designed to reduce structural waste while preserving the legendary Peli standards of strength. These ultra light cases are moulded from the next generation of Pelican’s lightweight HPX™ resin, a proprietary formula that rebounds without breaking.

    The Features of Peli Air Cases

    Cases in the Peli Air range share many features with the classic Protector range of cases, including double-step latches*, automatic purge valves, watertight o-ring gaskets, rubber over-moulded handles and stainless steel padlock hasps.

    On top of this, Air cases are super light thanks to the proprietary HPX² polymer, and they also feature a 'conic curve' lid shape and removable polycarbonate card holders.

    Every Air case is available with a pick 'n' pluck foam set, and most also have a compatible padded divider set and TrekPak divider set.

    Conic Curve Lid
    Card Holder
    Watertight O-Ring
    Super-Light HPX² Polymer
    Steel Hasp Protectors
    Automatic Purge Valves

    Lifetime Guarantee

    Every case in the Peli Air range is covered by the legendary Lifetime Guarantee. Simply put, this means "you break it, we replace it".

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    1. Black Peli 1535 Air Case
      1535 Air Case
      From £245.39
    2. Silver Peli 1615 Air Case
      1615 Air Case
      From £376.87
    3. Black Peli 1637 Air Case
      1637 Air Case
      From £391.90
    4. Orange Peli 1607 Air Case
      1607 Air Case
      From £320.09
    5. Silver Peli 1485 Air Case
      1485 Air Case
      From £184.44
    6. Orange Peli 1605 Air Case
      1605 Air Case
      From £277.52
    7. Orange Peli 1507 Air Case
      1507 Air Case
      From £201.14
    8. Black Peli 1525 Air Case
      1525 Air Case
      From £212.41
    9. Yellow Peli 1555 Air Case
      1555 Air Case
      From £239.12
    10. Peli 1745 Air Case
      1745 Air Case
      From £421.10
    11. Yellow Peli 1557 Air Case
      1557 Air Case
      From £253.32
    12. Peli 1465 Air Case
      1465 Air Case
      From £276.26
    13. Peli 1465 Air EMS Case
      1465 Air EMS Case