What's the difference: Peli Protector VS Peli Storm cases

Ever since Hardigg, the original manufacturer of the Storm Case range, was bought by Pelican Products Inc., there has been a question that has been asked more and more each year: What is the difference between the two case ranges?

Very few have tried to answer this, and even less have done so in an unbiased and objective way, so it only seems right that we settle this matter once and for all. Here goes…

Before we start... if you're trying to find an equivalent case size in one range or the other, take a look at our handy case size comparison page.

Strength: Which Peli case is stronger, the Peli Protector or Storm case?

The strength of the Protector Cases latches mean that they have a stronger seal, and most of the cases in this range are certified at IP67 (ingress protection). This means that they are dustproof, and waterproof in depths of up to 1 metre for no longer than 30 minutes, which is all the protection you should need considering that the cases have a very high buoyancy threshold. Both Storm and Protector cases are crushproof, proven by rigorous testing, which included both being run over by enormous vehicles of many varieties. So we can say with confidence that they can withstand pretty much anything, aside from direct hits from the Death Star… Maybe.

Winner: Protector Cases

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Weight: Which high-impact protective case is lighter?

Due to the materials used to make both of these cases, there is a weight difference between the two, with the Storm range being the lighter option. They are built with HPX® high impact resin, which is lighter than the Polypropylene body of the Peli Protector cases. The consequence of this is that the Protector range is more heavy duty, ergo resilient to scuffs, scratches and is altogether stronger than the Storm range. However, the fact that the same lifetime guarantee is universally applied to both types of cases, should tell you that the Storm range will provide you with the protection you should need.

Winner: Storm Cases

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Which looks better - The Peli Protector or the Peli Storm Case?

The aesthetical difference between the two ranges is slight. The latches and handle on the Storm range are always black, as opposed to the Protector range which matches the colour of the case with the latches and handles. The ribs that are moulded to the exterior of a Protector Case are recessed on a Storm Case, but aside from that both cases look very similar. The main difference will become more apparent after a period of usage of either case. Due to the composition of the HPX® Resin body of a Storm Case, it marks easier than a Protector Case, but in no way will lose its protective properties. So, again, it is a matter that comes down to personal taste. As we’ve said before, you get the same warranty, so it really is up to you to which style and level of protection you prefer.

Winner: It’s a tie… Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

What accessories are available with the Peli Protector and Storm Case?

Both cases come with a vast array of accessories. However, the biggest difference between the two lies within the panel frames / bezel kits. Essentially, these are inserts designed to house modules, such as circuit boards, within the case. Both do the job well enough, but the Peli Protector ‘Panel Frames’ are significantly easier to install than the Storm Case ‘Bezel Kits’. The ‘Bezel Kits’ also require drilling into the body of a Storm Case, which can affect the waterproof and dustproof protection. So, as much as we love the Storm Case, the Protector Case wins outright in this category.

Winner: Protector Cases

How do their wheels compare?

 Although the wheels themselves are made of the same material, the difference lies in the pins inside the wheels. Protector Cases use stronger stainless steel pins, whereas Storm Cases use alloy ones. To many this won’t make any difference, but to those who will be using their case near or around salt water, the Protector Case is strongly recommended, as alloy metals are corroded by salt water, which would make the wheels of a Storm Case seize. Also, the Mobility Cases are a part of the Protector range, which use much larger wheels suitable for rough terrain.

Winner: Protector Cases

A look at the latches of the Peli Protector & Peli Storm Cases

Although there has been significant improvement in the design of the Protector Cases’ latches over the years, Storm cases still win on this one for many. Their push and pull opening action is almost effortless to work, as opposed to the Protector Cases’ latches which aren’t as easy to open. However, like they have in their wheels, the latches of Storm Case contain alloy pins, as opposed to stainless steel ones in the Protector Cases. So if you’re going near salt water choose a Protector case to avoid corrosion.

Winner: Storm Cases

Peli Protector VS Peli Storm - Which comes in cheaper?

Acclaimed philosopher and songstress, Des’ree, once said, “Money don’t make my world go round. I’m reaching out for a higher ground.” Sadly, we have to admit that coins do have a significant role to play in our world. Money created and developed milkshake, Frisbees and hot dogs, after all. And where would we be as a society without those three stalwarts of love and happiness? Protector Cases, due to their heavy duty and stronger material, are more expensive to produce, as evidenced by the price differential between the two cases. As already discussed, the return you make on the additional expense is extra protection.

Winner: Storm Cases

The judge's score card- Which is the best protective carry case?

 Protection Protector
Weight Storm
Finish Draw
Accessories Protector
Wheels Protector
Latches Storm
Price Storm

Final Word

So, after all that it’s points shared, all square. The two destined to be locked in an eternal battle, like the alternate ending of Rocky II, where Rocky and Apollo Creed slug it out until time itself ceases to exist. Like the movie, it’s been emotional, but, as you can see from the score card, in spite of their draw, the two fighters have clear individual merits that should help you decide which one is your favourite.

If we had to put it in one sentence, we’d say, “The Storm range is the lightweight alternative to the stronger Protector range.” Maybe, we could have just said that to start. But where’s the fun in that?

Either way, we hope we’ve made the decision a little easier for you.

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