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      What Equipment do we Provide to the Emergency Services?

      Peli UK is currently running the Emergency Service Heroes campaign, which aims to give back to members of the emergency services for their continuous heroic efforts that help to keep the general public safe from harm. The campaign is open to anyone and everyone in the UK, and all that’s...
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      A guide to the Peli intrinsically safe torches

      If you work in the emergency services or in hazardous environments, you’ll know the importance of making sure that your equipment meets the required safety standards. Intrinsically safe torches, which are ATEX certified, are a key part of any kit if you’re working in a hazardous environment. Here at Peli...
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      The ultimate guide to lumens

      When looking for your perfect lighting solution, there are a number of factors that you’ll need to consider, however, one of the main areas you need to look at is lumens. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a handheld torch, or a complete area lighting system, you’ll need to get...
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      Introducing The New 7600 & 7100 Compact Tactical Torches

      Just for the record, we can guarantee that this post will brighten up your day. Introducing the 7600, the most powerful tactical torch in the Peli range to date. With the latest LED technology along with great features and compact design (157mm long and weighing 201g), this sublime torch offers up...
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      2780R Rechargeable Head Torch

      The new Peli 2780R rechargeable head torch has three light levels, four light modes and USB charging. High power provides 558 lumens from the LED light source and 127m beam distance. The rechargeable lithium ion battery supplies up to 11 hours of light and the head pivots for a directional...
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      A Glowing Recommendation

      Introducing the new 3310 Emergency Lighting Station comprising of the 3310 photo luminescent LED torch mounted in a robust polycarbonate case which can be fixed to a wall for easy access in an emergency situation. The 3310 Emergency Lighting Station The Peli 3310PL torch body is manufactured from photo luminescent...
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