Exceptional Customers: WASP

    Greater Manchester firefighter Matt Keogh and Rory O’Rourke from Datum Monitoring have created a unique rescue service warning system, the WASP (Warning Alarm for Stability Protection).Matt Keogh has served with the Fire and Rescue department in Greater Manchester for over 20 years. Using his first-hand experience of Urban Search and...
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    Peli Online Accounts

    With our products now available from our online store, it has never been easier to purchase from the Peli range of cases, torches and area lighting. Creating an account with us makes the ordering process even simpler, with billing and delivery addresses being held with your account, it's fast and...
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    What's the difference: Peli Protector vs Peli Storm Cases

    Ever since Hardigg, the original manufacturer of the Storm Case range, was bought by Pelican Products Inc., there has been a question that has been asked more and more each year: What is the difference between the two case ranges?Very few have tried to answer this, and even less have...
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    The Peli Photography Workshop

    Let’s be honest. We wouldn’t be where we are today without our loyal customers, many of whom are photographers sharing incredible stories about themselves and their trusty Peli cases on social media.As many of you will know, photography is notoriously difficult to start a career in, with many budding photographers...
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    Surviving a Remote Shoot

    Bertie Gregory (click here to visit his website), the award winning wildlife photographer and film-maker, took some time out his busy schedule to give us his essential tricks and tips to survive, thrive and, most of all, enjoy a shoot in a remote location. Here's what we learnt...Know Thy KitPicture...
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    2780R Rechargeable Head Torch

    The new Peli 2780R rechargeable head torch has three light levels, four light modes and USB charging. High power provides 558 lumens from the LED light source and 127m beam distance. The rechargeable lithium ion battery supplies up to 11 hours of light and the head pivots for a directional...
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    A Glowing Recommendation

    Introducing the new 3310 Emergency Lighting Station comprising of the 3310 photo luminescent LED torch mounted in a robust polycarbonate case which can be fixed to a wall for easy access in an emergency situation. The 3310 Emergency Lighting Station The Peli 3310PL torch body is manufactured from photo luminescent...
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