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      The risks with buying a knock-off Peli case

      If you’re looking for protective cases online, you’re likely to come across a whole range of cheap options, some of which may claim to be a genuine Peli case. These cheap Pelican case knock offs will certainly not be up to the high Peli standards, and may put your gadgets...
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      The unique features of a Peli protective case

      If you’re looking for a protective case for your valuable belongings, it’s natural that you’ll only want the very best. Whether you’re looking for the best protective case for delicate equipment or prized possessions, you need to make sure the case you choose will protect it from whatever life could...
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      How to add Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam to a Peli case

      If you’re new to Pick 'n' Pluck foam, it’s a useful tool that allows you to customise the interior of your Peli case with ease. The foam set uses a combination of cubed foam inserts, base foam and lid foam to provide the ultimate protection for your case and contents...
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      1535 Air Case Wins Gear of the Year 2017 Award

      We’re very excited to announce that the 1535 Peli Air Case recently won ‘Best Roller/Hardcase’ in Pro Moviemaker’s Gear of the Year 2017 Awards. The Best Protective Case in the Film Industry There were 4 other cases nominated in the category, but readers of Pro Moviemaker Magazine voted in their...
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      Peli 1 – Greenland 0

      Way back in 2012, Peli sponsored an incredible journey going by the name of the Wilderness Diving Exploration Greenland - or "Wi.DE", as it was codenamed. It was an incredible 1000 km journey along the coast of Eastern Greenland, by kayak! Alban Michon & Vincent Berthet attempted this amazing feat in order to...
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      Do Green Flag have breakdown service in Mongolia?

      What would you do if you got a flat tyre in the South Gobi Desert? I know it is often a predicament we speak about around the water cooler here at Peli UK. Warehouse Manager, Rick, tells us of the time he broke down in Swansea. Although it was inconvenient...
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      Lion Attacks a Peli Case

      Could you survive being mauled by a ferocious, man eating lion in the Zambezi?Meet Ross O’Donoghue, the man whose 1150 Protector Case survived a vicious attack by Shumba the lion, on a recent trip through Zimbabwe. Don’t let the name fool you… Shumba is a ruthless killer. He pounced without...
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      Peli Case Survives 1 Month in the Sea

      Now, we very, very occasionally like to brag how fantastic Peli cases are. But… is this one of those times? We hear you ask. Perhaps.Meet the 1400 Protector Case that survived one month at sea!Dr. Michael Townsend, Marine Ecologist, lost his 1400 whilst working in the Kaipara Harbour in New...
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