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      Peli Protector Case Testing and Certification

      The Peli range of protective cases has been the industry favourite across many sectors for over four decades. Peli cases are renowned for their ruggedness and strength, but what testing has been done to prove this and are the cases certified? Ingress Protection (IP) Rating Each Peli case is tested...
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      Peli UK Win Gear of the Year 2018 Award

      Back in 2017, the 1535 Peli Air Case won the title of ‘Best Roller/Hardcase’ in the Pro Moviemaker Gear of the Year Awards. This time the very same title goes to the 1615 Peli Air Case!The 1615 Air Case, one of the largest in the Peli Air range, features smooth...
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      A Guide to Pick ‘n’ Pluck Foam

      Almost every case in the Peli range is available with Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam. This practical and effective option, is how many professionals choose to protect the gear inside their Peli cases.Whether you’re putting a tiny gadget into a 1030 Micro Case, or a large piece of equipment into an...
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      What does the pressure release valve do, and how does it work?

      Every case in the Peli Protector, Air, Storm and Micro ranges are fitted with automatic pressure release valves. But what do these mysterious devices actually do? What does a Peli case valve do? Essentially, the valve is there to automatically equalise the interior air pressure, in line with changes to...
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      What exactly do photography awards judges look for?

      If you’re looking to challenge your photography skills by entering your work into a photography competition, it pays to know what the judges could be looking for in a winning photograph. These competitions are a fantastic way to raise awareness of your work and to assess the competition in your...
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      5 of the best UK locations for astrophotography

      The UK is home to some of Europe’s best stargazing sites. Due to dark skies and low light pollution ratings, the UK has more than 100 stargazing sites recognised officially making it one of the best places for astrophotographers to capture some stunning shots.However, as urban areas continue to grow...
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      The hidden benefits of a career in photography

      Being a professional photographer has a number of benefits which can enrich both your career and your personal life, as well as having a positive effect on the life of others. Although the industry today is one of the most competitive, once you get snapping, the creative and professional fulfilment...
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      An overview of future camera technology in the works

      What we once considered as futuristic camera technology, such as 4K video and even higher megapixel counts, are now standardised features in today’s models. These days, the casual photography market is made up of superzoom, large sensor compacts and waterproof point-and-shoots, as well as the improved abilities of smartphone cameras...
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      The best protective case for the Apple Macbook Pro 15”

      The Apple MacBook Pro 15” comes with all the bells and whistles. It’s fast, powerful, and showcases a great display.Investing in a protective Macbook case to keep this revolutionary piece of kit safe and secure would definitely be a wise choice. Read on to find out about the best Apple...
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