Rack mount cases from Peli-Hardigg are shockproof rack cases that utilise a fully boxed 19” steel rack with industry-standard square hole patterns. This makes them particularly ideal for users in the music, AV, entertainment, news and drones industries that use electronics with tab mounts.

Why choose Peli rack mount?

Peli-Hardigg rack cases are world renowned as the toughest, smartest transport systems available for commercial, industrial and military shippers. An innovative design process and rigorous testing methods continue to result in superior patented advancements that ensure your vital, sensitive and expensive electronics remain protected.

All rack mount cases in the Peli V-Series feature 8 heavy-duty rubber shock mounts to isolate the frame inside the shell. The polymer outer shell absorbs impacts and the shock mount inside dissipates residual movement. A professional 19” Rack Container will also help protect your equipment from weather whilst out in the field.

Where can I use a Peli rack mount case?

A Peli rack case will allow work to continue smoothly in all of the following situations and more:

  • Broadcast, Audio and Video: Peli rack cases offer optimum protection when travelling with rack mountable audio equipment such as mixers, recorders, audio workstations, etc. Shock mounts not only provide dampen repetitive stressful vibrations, but also allow for airflow, which is crucial for equipment like amplifiers that generate a lot of heat. Peli Rack Cases also have a front and rear lid to further assist in cooling the equipment inside.
  • Military Systems: Delicate military C4ISR computer systems are frequently exposed to high temperatures, dust, sand, moisture and vibration, so a protective Peli rack mount case ensures that the equipment will arrive in full working order and is able to be rapidly deployed.
  • Critical Communications, Science & IT: With the Classic-V or Super-V rack mount cases, Peli offers perfect protection and portability solutions for moderately fragile to ultra fragile equipment, such as servers, radio communication systems and laboratory equipment.

What's the difference between the Classic-V and Super-V rack cases?

There are two different types of rack mount cases available from Peli UK – the Classic-V and the Super V. Both types of Peli Rack Case feature:

  • 8 heavy duty rubber shock mounts to isolate the frame inside the shell. This shock mount works with the polymer outer shell to absorb impact.
  • Coupling Latches
  • Double walled rim
  • Lid hanger
  • Positive ant-shear locks
  • Pressure release valve
  • Recessed hardware
  • Reinforced corners and edges
  • Shock mounts
  • Square hole 19" rack frame

Classic-V rack mount cases have an 838mm depth frame, longer shock mounts and a larger sway pace that makes them ideal for ultra-fragile equipment, whereas Super-V rack mount cases have a 610mm depth frame and use shorter mounts making them more suited for moderately fragile equipment.

For more information on the differences between the two types of rack mount cases, take a look at our blog post to help you make your choice.

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