Lid Organisers are the perfect way to utilise the unused space in the lid of a case. Check out the video below, or keep reading to find out how to fit your new Lid Organiser into your Peli Protector or Peli Storm case.

Peli Protector Cases

In most Protector cases, lid organisers are attached by screwing them into the pre-moulded bosses. However, some older Protector cases and all Storm cases are attached using adhesive backing. If you have an older Protector that uses adhesive backing, please follow the Peli Storm case instructions.

Close up of the lid bosses in a yellow Peli case

Start the installation by aligning the holes in the lid organiser with the pre-moulded raised bosses in the case lid.

Close up of a screw hole in a Peli lid organiser

Use a Phillips head screwdriver to carefully screw it into place.

Hand screwing in a Peli lid organiser

If your case doesn’t have raised bosses, do not attempt to screw your lid organiser in as this will void your warranty.

Peli Storm Cases

If using Velcro adhesive backing, for best attachment first clean the stacking ribs on the inside of the lid and allow to dry. Remove the release film from the Velcro hook material and carefully stick each strip onto the stacking ribs.

Hands fitting a Velcro strip to the lid of a Peli Storm case

Your case is complete! (We recommend waiting 24 hours before using the lid organiser so that the adhesive will take full bond strength to the inside of the lid.)

A Peli lid organiser fitted into a case