TrekPak is a highly customisable divider system that landed in the UK for the Peli range in 2016. The innovative pin system allows for adjustment of dividers as your kit changes, you complete control over how you store your gear. Watch the video below, or keep scrolling to find out how to install TrekPak inside your Peli case.

Each Trekpak kit comprises of a lid foam, base foam, two perimeter pieces and several dividers which vary in size depending on the case model. Each kit also contains a Trekpak cutting tool and two TrekPak pin packs.

Start your set up by placing the base foam and the lid foam into the case.

TrekPak lid and base foam inside a Peli 1510 case

Next, install the perimeter pieces. Some TrekPak inserts have a bumper on the outside of the perimeter pieces, which is designed to accommodate to the taper of the Peli case.

Close up of the bumper on a TrekPak

For cases with wheels, the perimeter piece has two cutouts, enabling the piece to fit snugly around the extruding wheel arches.

TrekPak with cutout for wheel arches

Add the second perimeter piece and lock it to the first using two pins (without pull tabs) from the pin packs. Gently press the perimeter down until the bumper hits the top of the case, then squeeze the edges to ensure a proper fit.

TrekPak perimeter pieces pinned together

Plan your layout and add in your gear from largest to smallest. It may take a few tries before the layout is exactly how you’d like it. As you’re going along, use one of the divider pieces as a guide to make sure there is enough space between each of your items to be able to place a divider and lock it into place later on.

Camera kit layout inside a Peli 1510 case

Measure the first divider you want to put in place by placing it against the perimeter and finding which hole will touch the opposing wall. Next, place the middle prong of the TrekPak cutter inside the hole. Using your opposite hand, simply hold the divider down on a flat surface and cut.

Close up of a TrekPak divider being cut with the included cutting tool

As you continue to cut and place your dividers, make sure that your gear is snug, but that it can also be easily removed from the TrekPak.

Once you’re happy with your finished layout, attach the red pull tabs to your pins and lock the dividers into place. You and your Trekpak are now good to go!
Complete TrekPak set up with camera equipment inside.