The leaves are turning golden red and the skies are crisp and clear, which can only mean one thing - Autumn is well and truly upon us! When many other people are looking forward to the return of longer, sunnier and warmer days, photographers can’t wait to get outside to capture various aspects of this photogenic season.

There’s so much beauty to capture on camera during autumn, not to mention the buzz of wildlife activity during the run up to the winter months. All of this together presents some pretty incredible photography opportunities that pass by quickly, so it’s important to be prepared if you want to grab your chance of adding some lovely autumnal shots to your portfolio.

In this post, you’ll find 10 of the best autumn photography subjects to look for during your autumn photoshoots. Take note of these autumn photography ideas and look out for opportunities to capture them when you’re out and about.

1. Reflections


Still water scenes are the perfect place for photographers all year round, but autumn offers up some extra special shots. As if the bold and beautiful autumnal colours weren’t enough, still water reflections offer up twice as much of these gorgeous settings.

Head to your nearest lake, canal or reservoir, then find the best spot on the water’s edge to capture some crystal clear reflections of the standout autumn shapes and colours.

2. Trees & Leaves


It goes without saying that trees and leaves play a massive part in characterising autumn as a season, so these subjects should be included in as many of your autumn photoshoots as possible.

Begin by shooting some autumn landscape images, before moving in to focus on a single tree. Position yourself under the canopy for a unique angle, contrasting the dark autumn leaves with the bright blue sky above.

Add some shots of fallen leaves to your portfolio, whether that’s of a sole leaf, a cluster, or many scattered across the ground. You could even gather a variety of leaves at different stages of change, to emphasise the developing season.

Leaves floating along on the surface of moving water presents a particularly lovely autumn image, especially if you can work your magic to capture the flow of the moving water in the image.

For an abstract autumn photoshoot idea, create an image that presents a distorted view of what are usually very sharp shapes, patterns and colours. Stripping back the image to a drag landscape shot will maintain the warm autumnal colours but in a very unique, artistic image.

3. Birds


As birds begin their migration journeys, photographers are offered a rare opportunity to photograph various species darting across the bright sky. From the unmistakable V formation of geese heading south, to the flock of swallows escaping the colder weather, autumn is the ideal time for any photographers looking to encapsulate the natural behaviour of birds and other wildlife.

4. Waterfalls


Despite being a perfectly picturesque subject to photography all year round, waterfalls are even more photogenic during autumn, when the fallen foliage hugs the rocks around the water. It’s much more likely that your images will come out dramatic at this time of year too, with more rainfall creating a strong waterfall over the rocks.

Top Tip: A protective camera case from our range will help to keep your photography kit safe from water and dust when out and about on your autumn photoshoot.

5. Sunsets


The deep shades of autumn work incredibly well with the burning colour of sunset. By using a slow shutter speed, you’ll be able to create images that almost blend the sunset together with the shades of an autumn landscape. If a burst of colour is something you’re looking for in your autumnal colour, this subject will certainly deliver.

6. Trails


Whether it’s a long winding road, a tree-lined driveway, or a rocky ascent into the hills, trails make interesting autumn photography subjects when paired with crisp golden leaves or strong auburn trees.

7. Props


Autumn subjects can also be used as props in other niches such as food photography and still life photography. Ahead of rainy days where you might struggle to get quality images, gather pumpkins, funghi and berries, conkers and leaves, to create a setting for some indoor autumn photography instead!

8. Dew


When the colder weather draws in, drops of early morning dew appear and create a lovely autumn subject to capture on camera. Look for dew on plants, blades of grass, at the end of branches or even along spider webs, and spend some time focusing in on these macro shots.

Top Tip: To get the best macro shots with a beautiful bokeh, aim to shoot with a 90mm to 100mm 2.8 lens. This will allow you to get the subject in crystal clear focus and perfectly blur the background to bring even more attention to your focal point.

9. Mist or Fog


In the early hours of autumn mornings, head out on a country stroll to see a fantastic contract of mist or fog against the bright autumn shades. If you’re hoping for a slightly mysterious twist to your autumn photography, a misty morning setting will be perfect.

10. Derelict Focal Points


Sticking with the eerie and slightly mysterious elements that autumn can bring to photography, we come to our final favourite autumn photography subject.

Derelict or disused objects hidden in the midst of a natural landscape create a really intriguing photography shot. From rusting cars to empty barns, use these man-made elements as the focal point within an otherwise natural photography shot, for a unique and eye-catching autumn image.

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