Trends in the photography industry move quickly and it can be tough to stay up to date with the emerging genres. Modern photography styles are becoming more diverse than ever so by trying out new photography trends, you’ll broaden your skills and be able to add some exciting new images to your portfolio.

Take a look at our top picks for the new popular types of photography and use our easy tips to help you get a better grasp of them.

1. Activism

In a world full of turmoil, acts of activism are becoming more and more common. Whether it be small gatherings, streets full of protesters or anything in between, capturing these inspiring moments is swiftly becoming a popular photography trend.

Keep up to date with the news and search on social media for events in your area. Consider unusual perspectives - capture large protests from above, or get right in the middle of things to help immerse the viewer in the event.

2. Storytelling

Telling stories through photography has become extremely popular in recent years. These stories don’t have to be big, or newsworthy, but should still capture meaning and feeling.

Start small and think about relatives or friends who have an interesting story to tell, or look for stories in your local area. Capturing a story and feeling of it can be done in one image, or across multiple, but think about emotions and the colours relating to them, relevant objects and locations, and how you can enhance these in post production, too.

3. Authentic moments

Images that capture authentic moments, rather than staged pictures or portraits, are particularly popular within event and wedding photography. Rather than the old-fashioned line-up of guests and stilted pictures of the surroundings, photographers are now focusing on capturing the authentic moments between people.

Capture whispered conversations, shared laughs and bad dad-dancing. This will help to keep the memory and atmosphere of the event alive much better.

4. Bold colour

Bold, vivid colours and the contrasts between them is another emerging photography style. Really take time to decide on your background, the subject’s clothes and makeup, lighting and editing. Contrasting bright or neon colours is a great way to bring new life to fashion photography or product photography.

5. Blurred reality

In our increasingly digital age, the lines between the real world and the virtual world are becoming ever more blurred. An emerging photography trend is to capture this in images, using image editing and graphic design techniques. For these sorts of images, you’ll need to brush up on your editing skills and invest in the relevant pieces of software, such as Photoshop. The results will be worth it though, we promise!

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