The latest addition to the ATEX torches range has just launched - the 3345 LED Zone 0.

This torch introduces two exciting new features - innovative dual beams and energy efficient auto dimming.

3345 LED Zone 0 Torch

A powerful torch with both spot and flood beams

The 3345 features a front-facing spotlight, but also has a floodlight on the side, enabling the user to illuminate two areas simultaneously. In total the torch has three light modes: flood, spot and flood/spot.

Auto dimming

The automatic light sensor enables the 3345 to automatically adjust its output, to the most effective level for the current environment. This makes it very energy efficient so charges last as long as possible.

Certified for use in hazardous environments

The torch is Zone 0 ATEX certified, meaning it is suitable for use in hazardous environments where there is a presence or chance of explosive atmospheres.

Covered for Life

As with all Peli torches, the 3345 LED Zone 0 torch is covered by the famous Lifetime Guarantee, so you can be sure this torch will be with you for life.