As you might have heard, we have been running the Peli UK Emergency Service Heroes campaign over the past few months, in which anyone and everyone could nominate and vote for an emergency service team to win £2,000 to spend on Peli UK products. The campaign saw some truly remarkable nominations, and it wasn’t without difficulty that we had to narrow down the nominations to just 12 teams.

As we reach the end of the campaign, a month of voting has seen each of the 12 teams receive a hefty number of votes. But in the final few days, one particular team won a tremendous number of last-minute votes.

With over 298,000 votes, Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation (DCRO) have been named as Peli UK’s Emergency Service Heroes of 2018, and will receive our £2,000 prize to spend on Peli UK products, as a special thanks for the incredible work they do to help others.

From intrinsically safe torches to area flood lighting, see some of the Peli UK products that could help DCRO with their future rescue missions.

DCRO’s support with the ongoing Thailand cave rescue

Almost two weeks ago, 12 young boys from Thailand entered the Tham Luang caves in Chiang Rai with their football coach. With the rising waters of monsoon season, the group became trapped within the caves and have been waiting to be rescued ever since.

After several days of planning and preparation, a team of professional divers from Britain were able to make their way through the water and into the caves on 2nd July, where they found the group taking shelter from the rising waters. There’s still a lot of work to be done before the group can be safely removed from the caves, but finding them is a great start.

We have extended an offer of support for any further Peli equipment for the rescue effort, be it lighting, torches or cases, across to the British Cave Rescue Council team over in Thailand.

Providing specialist equipment to support the search and rescue efforts

With news of the events in Thailand reaching Derbyshire, DCRO stepped up to help and offer support in any way they could. They tested, packed and sent out four pieces of high-tech radio equipment, known as Heyphones, along with four Peli Protector Cases to Thailand. The transmissions that Heyphones produce are able to penetrate through hundreds of metres of solid rock, which had a huge impact on the diving team being able to find the football team.

DCRO specialise in carrying out rescue missions in low visibility cave dives and making their way through small passages, so their equipment has been extremely useful to the mission in Thailand.

International praise for DCRO

The support that DCRO has given to the divers and hundreds of other workers over in Thailand certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed. Upon hearing about their nomination in the Peli UK Emergency Service Heroes campaign, hundreds of thousands of people have said their thanks through voting for them to win the Peli UK prize.

During such unfortunate times, it’s incredible to see people from all over the world coming together to help one another, as well as showing their gratitude for the hard work carried out and the support provided.

From everyone here at Peli UK, here’s a huge congratulations to Derbyshire Cave Rescue Organisation for taking home the Peli UK Emergency Service Heroes title and the £2,000. The team do a fantastic job keeping people safe throughout the year, and their going the extra mile in helping with the Thailand cave rescue is a truly deserving act of kindness.

We hope that the £2,000 to spend on Peli UK products will come in handy for future rescue missions that DCRO take on, just as their current equipment did for the search and rescue mission in Thailand. We also hope that, should the search rescue need anymore Peli equipment, they know they will have our support.