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Marine Cases

The Peli Protector case range is the market leader in rugged marine protection.
More than 30 years of product development has ensured the Peli range of cases is the market leader in vital protection for marine environments. Offering watertight, dustproof and crushproof security, Peli cases are ideal for the transportation of specialised industrial equipment and covered by the legendary “You break it, we replace it” lifetime guarantee.

Peli cases are produced in over 80 sizes and protect sensitive equipment against extreme conditions. The automatic pressure equalization valve stops moisture from entering the case and prevents vacuum-lock so it can be opened easily at any altitude.

MSA Foams

Significant investment has been made by the Peli UK Group at their foam engineering facility, MSA Foams. As a one stop shop provider of durable packaging solutions MSA offer machined, moulded, pressed or fabricated foam products to fit an extensive range of cases and containers.
By developing their protective packaging services MSA offer specialised foams, which are designed for individual requirements. Bespoke foam inserts optimise the space and provide maximum product protection, ideal for sensitive equipment and tool control.

Wessex Marine

Wessex Marine

MSA Foams designed and produced a foam insert for Wessex Marine to hold and organise tools efficiently. The insert fits perfectly within
a compartment in the boat’s cabin to store maintenance tools. The use of coloured foam ensures that any missing tools are easily identified.

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