The Peli UK Emergency Service Heroes campaign has been running since April and, over the past couple of months, we have received a multitude of truly touching nominations for a variety of emergency service teams. These nominations have now been narrowed down and it’s time for you to vote for the team that you want to see win with the Peli UK reward.

Some incredible nominations

Hundreds of people took the time to thank each of the emergency services, from the police to the fire brigade, the ambulance service to search and rescue, which goes to show just how much their hard work, dedication and bravery is appreciated.

Nominations came to a close at the end of May and since then, we’ve narrowed down the nominations to a shorter list of teams who are now in the running to win £2000 to spend on Peli UK products. We’ve made sure to include teams from each of the different emergency services in our shortlist - each of the nominations for these teams were incredibly stirring and were a testament to the courageous work that’s carried out by emergency services on a daily basis.

Vote for the team you want to be rewarded with the Peli UK prize

If you didn’t get the chance to nominate an emergency service team for the campaign, why not show your appreciation by voting for a team in the final shortlist. The team with the most votes on 5th July will be given £2000 to spend on Peli UK products that will assist them with their hard work.

All you have to do is head over to our emergency service heroes campaign page or to our Facebook page, read through each of the stories and decide which team you’re going to give your vote. To vote, simply like and share the nomination to boost their chances of winning the prize.

Votes will be counted and the winning team will be announced on Thursday 5th July.

Which Peli UK products are used by the emergency services?

We’re proud to provide the emergency services with a number of our products that help them carry out their responsibilities. From hard carry cases that paramedics use for their supplies, to ATEX torches used by the police force, fire brigade and search and rescue teams, we have plenty of products that prove beneficial to these teams in their daily lives.

With £2000 to spend on our products, the winning team will be able to invest in some of these quality pieces of equipment, without having to use any of their budget or resources. It’s our way of giving back to these truly deserving services.

Don’t forget that there’s just one month to get your vote in, so don’t waste any time in doing your bit to say a big thanks to our fantastic emergency services.